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I keep an inground pool with a liner, rocks, and some gravel, and a
small biofilter. I put in some water primrose, sedges, and cattails (I
really keep it as a "wetland" component of my backyard wildlife
habitat). I added mosquitofish to control mosquitos three years ago,
and the pond has been going ever since, with only harvesting of plants
to reduce biomass. Oh, sometimes I harvest filamentous algae, too. I
add water to overflowing when it gets a little low. There's lots of
bugs, damselflies, some dragonflies, some beetles. I try to pick out
the bigger diving beetles when I see them, figuring they might be kinda
hard on the baby mosquitofish. BTW, I add city chlorinated water, so
far with no ill effects. I have a couple of longears and had red
shiners. Sunfish ate the shiners, then stay hidden all the time unless
I disturb them. Still there, never feed them, never get skinny.
Crayfish do ok too, but don't get to see them much.

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