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It wasn't a good yard fish year for me, either, casper. The small Enneacanthus chaetodon disappeared without a trace, and I have no idea why. Likewise for the adults in a separate tub. The plants and snails in their tubs were fine.

The Brochis and albino C. aneus held their own, the sailfin mollies grew a little larger, the flagfish I don't know about yet, and the evergladei produced a few young. In my experience, few yard fish produce large numbers of young--or, to be more accurate, few young survive to make it in the house. I've never had much success with Lucania goodei in the yard. They'll produce only a few young. Better to bring them in and try the yarn mop method, I think.

Also, since a lot of egg layer fry are fairly tiny, I often bring in the bottom sludge from a tub or container, and then filter it with a sponge filter hooked up to an outside filter for a few days. Often, the fry are hiding in the sludge, and you'll miss them if you throw this out. Flagfish fry, in particular, spend their early weeks in the grunge.

FYI, Ray Wolffe is very knowledgeable about breeding yard fish. He's not on the list, but you might want to drop him a note.

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well actually the satellite ponds first...
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