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Mon, 12 Sep 2005 10:20:39 -0500

Live food, preferably live fish, is essential for sculpins. I never
was able to get them to eat anything not living and active. I was able
to get them to eat things other than fish, but the things had to move
about. Live earthworms actually worked, but not cut up pieces.
Crayfish were great.

I have only tried to keep _Cottus bairdi_ and _C. carolinae_.

Other than that, excellent, clean, cool conditions with shelters.

Oh, other fish will just be attacked, regardless of size (even bigger
than the sculpins). Darters for example, were just attacked and killed
immediately. Quite a fascinating situation, actually. When I've
examined sculpin gut contents in the field, they were always stuffed
with inverts.

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