Re: NANFA-L-- Endangered Species Act

Jerry Baker (nanfa at
Wed, 21 Sep 2005 22:50:38 -0700

Moontanman at wrote:
> Obviously I miscomunicated my views, I say ESA is not as good as everyone
> seems to think, It has big flaws, it has come to be something that is far to
> cumbersome. We need new laws that are based more on science than politicians
> whimsy, political favors or environmental crazies. Yes, it has done some good
> things I am totally fascinated but some of the recovery efforts especially breeding
> non gamefish breeding fish for release, but when you see hundreds of acres of
> wet lands drained and bulldozed it's hard to believe it has any real teeth.

It's because one problem with the law is that cumulative impacts are not
analyzed, and if they are, they aren't taken into account. Say you want
to pave a meadow for a parking lot. No big deal, it's just an acre the
analysis says. There are other meadows, and there are no threatened or
endangered species. Repeat this a few dozen times and now there are only
two meadows left in the county. Hypothetical, but illustrates exactly
what happens.
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