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Dear Chris,
I think I will.


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>Subject: NANFA-L-- what to do
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>> Subject: NANFA-L-- Endangered Species Act
>> Dear Christopher,
>> Is there anything that concerned citizens like myself can do to
>> insure that Rep. Pombo's bill do not get passed?
>Write your Congressperson. Write it from your heart. Don't send a "form"
>email supplied by various interest groups; those are ignored.
>Ultimately, and unfortunately, it will come down to a partisan vote with
>very little analysis or questioning from either side, and very little
>input. Republicans will automatically vote yes. Democrats will
>vote no. A few curmudgeons not seeking re-election will cross party lines.
>The Republicans will win my a dozen or so votes and call it a "mandate >from
>the people."
>Here's something I wrote, from the heart:
>Imagine a world in which the greatest works of art masterpieces by
>DaVinci, Goya, Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, and others are fading and
>crumbling into oblivion and few people are alarmed or worried about it.
>Imagine too that the museums housing these great works of art are
>falling to ruin, or being torn down to make way for more office buildings,
>parking lots and shopping centers.
>Every time a museum is destroyed...
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