Re: NANFA-L-- National Fish

Prizma at
Tue, 27 Sep 2005 09:09:44 EDT

i just filled out the ballot. going in the mail today!
rainbow darter!
cool, personable, common, colorful, unique as darters are to north america,
widely distributed, not a game fish and a good aquaria species.

2nd choice... pumpkinseed tho i think it should have been the more beautiful
longear. :)

flagfish is american flag appropiate but such a small tiny range.

i wish minnow had been more explicit. makes us sound like bait fish folk.
voting rainbow shiner probably would have got them listed as a national
treasure... which they are!

now who in the world would vote for a scaley cat? :) i know one for sure
and a recent convert would probably throw in a second vote.

salmon? dont we eat those? canned alaskan salmon.

and no sculpins on the list... shame shame. :)

in the heart of diversity.

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