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Peter Unmack (peter.lists at)
Wed, 28 Sep 2005 15:29:17 -0500 (CDT)

G'day folks

For fun I was going to set up some red shiners to spawn. I see there are
two articles written on this in AC over the years (listed below), but I
don't have either handy right now. They seem like they will spawn just
about anywhere anytime if males are colored up. Was thinking of putting
some fish (maybe 2 males, 4-5 females) in a bare tank and putting some
kind of barrier on the bottom for the eggs to fall through so that they
don't get eaten. I'll have to do some hunting around to see what if
anything we have around here that I can use. Anyone got any simple
suggestions? Also, anyone know how long it takes for them to hatch and
what first foods are suitable?

1973 Fall

Pagoria, Frank G.
Spawning Deviations in Notropis [Cyprinella] lutrensis
Author relates his experiences breeding aquarium-bought red shiners, and
how his results differed from what was written in current literature.

1996-1997 Winter

Semeit, Allan
The "Asiatic Fire Barb" aka Cyprinella lutrensis
Rearing and spawning the red shiner in aquaria; widespread encounters with
the fish.

Peter Unmack
Red River, Oklahoma
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