NANFA-L-- Bad Experience with "Clear for Life" Aquarium

Jerry Baker (nanfa at
Wed, 28 Sep 2005 14:54:22 -0700

Please forgive the topic being only tangential to native fishes, but I
wanted to make anyone aware of my problem so that they do not experience
the same thing when purchasing an aquarium.

I ordered a "Clear for Life" 135-gallon acrylic aquarium from When I went to get the tank, everything looked OK and I
brought it home. Where the tank sits gets direct sun for about an hour
or so every day, and when that time came I noticed that the entire
aquarium was covered in fine scratches (photos: I informed the retailer who
then contacted the manufacturer. The manufacturer had me bring them the
tank for inspection.

When I got to Clear for Life, the president, and owner, Alan Lim, told
me that what I was seeing was normal for acrylic and that all of their
products look like that. He further stated that they were not going to
polish the tank for me to see if that would improve its appearance, nor
were they going to do anything else.

I then took the tank to the retailer where I had originally ordered it.
I asked him (Greg, the owner of what would happen if I
returned the tank to him. He had to call Clear for Life because he
hadn't done a return before. Clear for Life told Greg that they would
not take a return from him either. They do not take returns ... period.
I do not want to force Greg to eat the full retail cost of this tank
because it would hurt him pretty badly financially.

I just wanted everyone to know that if they purchase a Clear for Life
product, they will not accept a return under any circumstances, and if
you return a Clear for Life product to your LFS, they will be forced to
eat the cost. They are not about customer satisfaction, nor are they
willing to even try no-cost solutions.
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