Re: NANFA-- Fish and Crayfish Burrow Coexistance- Was Erymozon

Thu, 6 Apr 2000 13:41:29 -0500

Or how about Mudbugs, Fresh Water Lobster or even Crawdaddies. These things
have more names then Carter's got little pills. (I love old sayings)


<< I never hear anyone call them crayfish. sounds too wierd. >>

Actually, I first heard them called crawdads by my dad when I saw my first
one and asked what it was. I seem to remember looking up the meaning of
words "crawdad' and "crayfish" to see which term was proper; "crawdad' is
colloquial term and "crayfish" is the proper term (perhaps someone has
different info on this?). "Crawfish " would seem to be an intermediate
between the two others. Myself, I prefer to call them "crawdads" instead of
"crayfish' since they're crustaceans and obviously not fish, but I
call them "crayfish" to avoid any misunderstandings, since on all the web
pages about them they are called "crayfish". Obviously, calling them
"crawfish" will work too, since I've heard the words "crawdad" and
I know what you're talking about! Plus I've heard other people on the list
refer to them as "crawfish", too. Whatever works for ya.

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