Re: NANFA-- Fish and Crayfish Burrow Coexistance- Was Erymozon
Thu, 6 Apr 2000 14:50:14 EDT

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<< The topic of crayfish burrow co-habitants came up once before. Its not
well-documented but there are at least two short articles on the subject. >>

Yes, I remember that thread. Actually, I should have been more specific and
elaborated on my curiousity concerning _how_ fish coexist with crayfish
without getting eaten. I was also referring to more of a situation of
crayfish and fish helping each other for mutual benefit, similar to the
symbiotic relationship that Bruce described earlier with the fish species
and shrimp species on a coral reef helping each other find food ( I think
that it was some sort of goby and the shrimp species was blind; the goby used
the shrimp burrow and in return he led the sightless shrimp around to find
food, also leading him back into the burrow when danger threatened, if I
remember correctly).

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