Re: NANFA--Michigan chapter

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 9 Apr 2000 20:35:54 -0700

Hey that ain't cool, we had snow too ( not snow, soft hail) over here
last night. Anyways, y'all got to come see our rainbows at Puff creek, not
to brag, as your bandeds may be nice , but our puff creek rainbows will blow
any other rainbows out of the water ( ask anyone whose seen them) for beauty
and form, even hardiness. they will survive hot pool conditions in summer,
as puff creek often dries up into shallow pools and is baked by the sun, and
still keep their color and composure. If notatas are not found, you can
also come here and catch plenty of those too. I think the ferry across
Michigan would be the best way to get here, save on gas, maybe time. Anyone
from the Michigan ( or any where for that matter) is welcome to plan a trip
to Wisconsin for some collecting. We will be guiding a local aquarium club
in the area in July ( third weekend) and also the local killi club the
second weekend in July on their home turf near the Milwaukee area. Anyone
interested in these trips contact me, and for the killi club trip you can
contact ( Rick Ivik) or gasiorgi at ( Jim and Gis
Gasior) for times and directions, also a cook out and mini auction ( killis,
supplies, food items and plants maybe other stuff).

Matt and Ray

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