Re: NANFA-- mouse in my outdoor tub

Gupp (
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 17:59:02 -0600

I don't have problems with mice, but I do get drowned birds in my kiddie
pool ponds. I put a concrete block in each of them, sticking out of the
water, so the birds can get out. It really reduced the number of drowned
birds. I have lot's of birds here. Between the kiddie pools, the trees
and plants and chicken food to steal, the birds really like my yard.
Mostly I have finches and doves, but a lot of other birds show up
occasionally. My favorites are a pair of cardinals that nest in the back
yard every winter. They can also be a nuisance though. I have trouble
keeping the kids slide clean, because of all the bird poop, and they are
really hard on my vegetable gardens. They will wipe out some plants.

I also have a problem with ground squirrels. I never minded them at
first but now they have so many holes in my yard that I will
occasionally be walking across the yard and the ground will cave in
under me from their tunnels underneath. They also can be hard on my
vegetable gardens. My dog occasionally gets one of them, but apparently
they breed faster then he can clear them out.



Sajjad Lateef wrote: > > I found a mouse drowned in one of my outdoor tubs. It must have > seen the thick salvinia mat and mistook it for "terra firma". Ever have > that happen to you? The nieghbourhood squirrels also use the tubs for > water. Maybe I should put up a birdbath of somekind, too. > > Some lucky 'coon is going to have a feast tonight. :) > > Sajjad >

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