Re: NANFA-- mouse in my outdoor tub

Gupp (
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 18:12:17 -0600

The only one I ever found in a tank inside was still swimming. That was
when I first found mice in the house and was still thinking they were
cute little things, and I had my son take it to a field and release it.
Then it's family moved in, and by chance, we were given a cat shortly
after, now we don't have mice in the housee. I do have a bunch of them
in the shed though, where I keep the chicken feed. I suppose I could let
the cat spend a couple nights in there, and maybe she'd reduce the
population there too. I worry about letting her outside at all though,
because cats seem to dissapear out here, but maybe now that they've
plowed all the fields over for new houses, and the coyotes are gone,
she'd be ok.



> I had one show up dead in an indoor aquarium once. I noticed the water was > rapidly going bad and finally determined it was a deceased rodent. Managed > to clean it up before losing any fish. > > Chuck Church > Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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