NANFA-- Re:population control

JHolmes (
Tue, 1 Apr 2003 15:34:49 -0600

I'm new to your posting and still feeling my way around, but I did want to
comment on some of what you've (plural) been writing. I teach an
Environmental Science class and Plant / Animal Science at a South Alabama
high school and have done some work in Wildlife Rehab too. My students
constantly hear/debate the same general topics you've been throwing around
today. We speak of population control- how it could be done, how 'we' would
try to impose it on others first, how we try to ban natives and exotics and
not encourage the use of our natural resources. I try to keep animals in my
classroom that are native to our region so the kids can see them and begin
to appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds them. Up until now some of
the kids thought I was just a crackpot that was going to start blowing up
grocery stores and malls. Now they realize that other -real- people think
about these same topics. I try to make my kids think- we debate these topics
and they are beginning to see some of the light. (only about a 40 watt bulb
at this point, but I'm getting there) So thank you to all of you that
continue to throw these thoughts around.
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