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Tue, 1 Apr 2003 17:19:17 EST

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> Replace the 40 W with a 9 W power compact. Jeez. :)

Easy to say, not always easy to do. The people who most need to save energy
and the money energy costs are often the people who cannot afford to replace
incandescent bulbs which cost just a few cents with a bulb that costs several
dollars. The savings in the long run are meaningless to somebody who has to
decide how much food Vs a new light bulb they can afford. Cheap reliable
energy is what the world needs (along with real population control) The only
real abundant energy source is nuclear and the only safe nuclear is
anuetronic fusion. Of course as luck would have it the closest source for
anuetronic fuel (helium 3) is the regolith on the moon. As with most things
that are desirable you have to go and get what ever it is you need and stop
waiting for it to come to you. Again the web of cause and effect is always
larger than we can predict. and as with most good ideas cheap energy would
almost certainly be used to disrupt the environment instead of saving it. If
for no other reason cheap energy would be used as an excuse not to control
population. Catch 22....

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