Re: NANFA-- Wanted: A few mussel shells

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 4 Apr 2003 11:36:28 -0600

I have not read this years regulations, but it was legal to catch and do
whatever ( mostly eat) clams in Wisconsin. You of course cannot take the
protected species. This used to be a problem, but there is some better
information available now about the protected species in the state, and some
of the things even have good pictures of the shells for identification. The
same for plants, so many species listed, but how to tell them apart. Now a
booklet is available from the DNR.

For the states with blanket bans, wouldn't it be more wise to allow the
harvest of non - protected species like Wisconsin does? That way those who
are interested can actually learn there is some species that are in trouble,
for starters. Most wildlife agencies are clamouring ( neat pun?) for money.
Why not sell a permit or stamp along with a booklet on identification? To
me it sounds like these agencies don't want the public informed. It easier
just to have a blanket hands off policy. I believe this breeds contempt for
the agencies, and in the end more people care less about what is going on in
the wild areas of their states.

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