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And another virtue of Anubias species (named after an Egyptian god of the
dead - in shady places?) Java ferns (in several forms now) and Java moss,
along with the Bolbitis ferns, Crypts and Lagenandra species is that their
light requirements are quite modest.

I'd like to find out more about the latter group which happen to be
Cryptocoryn relatives. Some species seem to grow fully submerged. It would
be neat to find other mosses which can grow fully underwater too.

All of these are/ would be dear to the hearts of "frugal aquarists" who
don't want to spend too much more on lighting and power bills.

All the best again,


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> Anubias are a great one. ANy valisneria will do well, but may get munched
> on. Crinum will work, and looks fairly grassy. That failing, try Java
> fern and Java Moss, or bolbitis. You can root these to rock.
> JW.
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