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I have done research on marine plant "take" and such... But haven't gotten
around to freshwater. Florida requires a paid fishing permit and then
regulates how much take. I think for plants, the rule was "no more than a 5
gallon bucket per day". Pretty vague, methinks.

I'm not a big fan of removing whole native plants from the wild, just
cuttings or seed, but I'm not sure what different states think about that.
In Ohio, it's just plain illegal in designated natural areas (which they've
pretty much made every streamside a desg nat area :) and permission would be
necessary on private property. With all the turbidity our forefathers gave
us tho in this great state... There's not much temptation for aquatic

I'm going to refresh myself on the regulations here this week in preparation
for our trip to the Keys next week. Was planning on bringing back some
macroalgaes and microfauna for my friends still deceived by lure of marine
aquaria ;) I have all the links somewhere... Just have to find the word

(Great hardwater plant post btw Scott. I think that's a keeper :)

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> Bob Bock's "phone message" post and Ty's query about hard water plants got
> me thinking (!) about plants in Florida.. (Also, the reason no one else
> answered Ty's question is probably because so many people were out
> collecting or following up on "honey-dos" - Duh!)
> With a range of waters probably often tending towards the alkaline side
> (considering the state's limestone underpinning) and the proliferation of
> everything else exotic, are plants we think of as aquarium plants to be
> commonly found while sampling?
> More importantly, what are the state regulations on taking such plants -
> either native or exotic - and carrying them across the state and across
> state lines?
> Too busy with work at the moment to do too many things aquatic, this is,
> sadly, purely informational purposes. ;)
> Thanks in advance and all the best!
> Scott
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