NANFA-- Newbie

Golden D. Dog (
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 06:12:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hello, just thought I would introduce myself since
I am new to this list. My name is Adam, I reside in
the central ohio area (very close to Knox Lake in
fact,) and I have recently decided to take up cold
water aquaria with native fish. I have three tanks,
one is discus oriented, one mixed tropical, and my
third most recent addition is a 50 gallon cool water
tank that I have put a couple of bluegill in. I am
totally new to native fish keeping and was looking for
information on the care of bluegill when I ran across
the NANFA site. After skimming through the list
archives I decided I would join. You guys sound a
little crazy (read some messages from past years
fish/snake collecting) which I like, and I totally
agree with the educational aspect of native
fishkeeping ( I love talking to people about all the
tropics I keep, and once I learn more about bluegill
them as well.) Anyway, I would like to have as
natural of a tank as possible, following that end
would anyone care to give give me some advice? Right
now I have brought the temp to 60 in my tank and have
a plecostamus and a couple of very small corys as my
cleanup crew, since I am familiar with tropical fish
I chose those 2, but I would very much prefer to
replace them with any native equivalent if possible,
besides the bluegill have been eyeing the cory and I
know it is just a matter of time till they become a
snack. Are their any other native fish that will
coexist peacefully with the bluegill? Also, I would
very much like to educate myself more on native
aquaculture, can anyone reccomend a good book or books
to start with ? Thanks in advance, and I look foward
to corresponding with everyone.
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