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Travis Haas (
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 10:47:35 -0500

Welcome, Adam.

Good books on natives as aquarium fish:

"Our Native Fishes" by John Quinn (out of print)
"North American Native Fishes for the Home Aquarium" by David Schleser
(also out of print, I think)
"American Aquarium Fishes" by Robert Goldstein (the most expensive of
the three, but well worth the money.)

Also, every self-respecting natives enthusiast eventually gets the
"Fishes of ___" book for his state. People commonly get the books for
neighboring states as well. "Fishes of Ohio" by Trautman is quite good,
albeit a little pricey. Look for used copies on if
you're concerned about cost. I got mine for under $30.

As far as scavenegers go - madtoms (mini catfishes of the genus Noturus)
are the closest North American equivalent to the Corydoras. The
stonerollers (genus Campostoma), flagfish (Jordanelle floridae) and
sailfin mollies all make fairly effective algae eaters. The tadpole
madtom is one of the few madtoms that don't inhabit flowing habitats;
stonerollers are stream fish; flagfish and mollies (of pet store fame)
are southern inhabitants of calm waters.

There's always more to be said. If you have any questions, there are
many on this list with more experience than I have - feel free to ask

Best of luck,
Travis Haas
Appleton, WI

"Golden D. Dog" wrote:
> Hello, just thought I would introduce myself since
> I am new to this list. My name is Adam, I reside in
> the central ohio area (very close to Knox Lake in
> fact,) and I have recently decided to take up cold
> water aquaria with native fish. I have three tanks,
> one is discus oriented, one mixed tropical, and my
> third most recent addition is a 50 gallon cool water
> tank that I have put a couple of bluegill in. I am
> totally new to native fish keeping and was looking for
> information on the care of bluegill when I ran across
> the NANFA site. After skimming through the list
> archives I decided I would join. You guys sound a
> little crazy (read some messages from past years
> fish/snake collecting) which I like, and I totally
> agree with the educational aspect of native
> fishkeeping ( I love talking to people about all the
> tropics I keep, and once I learn more about bluegill
> them as well.) Anyway, I would like to have as
> natural of a tank as possible, following that end
> would anyone care to give give me some advice? Right
> now I have brought the temp to 60 in my tank and have
> a plecostamus and a couple of very small corys as my
> cleanup crew, since I am familiar with tropical fish
> I chose those 2, but I would very much prefer to
> replace them with any native equivalent if possible,
> besides the bluegill have been eyeing the cory and I
> know it is just a matter of time till they become a
> snack. Are their any other native fish that will
> coexist peacefully with the bluegill? Also, I would
> very much like to educate myself more on native
> aquaculture, can anyone reccomend a good book or books
> to start with ? Thanks in advance, and I look foward
> to corresponding with everyone.
> Adam
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