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Wed, 23 Apr 2003 12:33:50 -0500

Travis wrote:
> Good books on natives as aquarium fish:
> "Our Native Fishes" by John Quinn (out of print)
> "North American Native Fishes for the Home Aquarium" by David Schleser
> (also out of print, I think)
> "American Aquarium Fishes" by Robert Goldstein (the most expensive of
> the three, but well worth the money.)
and a lot more good advice on the biobliographic side.

I forget which of the mainstays on this list mentioned it, but Goldstein's
book is going out of print - having been published way back in 2000.

It was mentioned here that the $100 plus book was being sold off by Texas
A&M Press for something in the neighborhood of $40! As a satisfied customer
and beneficiary of that price, I would recommend doing a quick google search
for the Texas A&M website, pulling out the old charge card and ordering up a
copy ASAP.

Evidentally the rules on inventory write off have changed for publishers. It
used to be that copies were held in stock for a lot longer than is common
these days.

Some cichlid people are only now discovering George Barlow's 2000 The
Cichlid Fishes, Nature's Grand Experiment in Evolution, a fascinating
exploration of their development, spread, behaviors - and problems in many
habitats with introduced species. (Doesn't that sound familiar?) The book
was rendered by last year. :(

All the best!

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