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<< I wasn't meaning you per say, I just meant that some people complain about
some articles etc. It was a comment regarding something other than what you
had posted. I was trying to point out that sometimes I here people complain
about some of the content being this way or that, but we have alot of
different people with different interests in native fish, so the articles
are all good. I hope I made sense ? >>

I definitely didn't regard your comments as being directed towards me. I was
merely stating that my opinion of American Currents' articles. I see what
you're saying, that different members have different interests and have
differing favorite topics, from aquarium-keeping to conservation to
scientific stuff like taxonomies and life history. And of course a lot of
members will have some overlap of interests in all three of these areas.The
variety of article topics of course reflects these varying intersts and
aspects of native fish. This makes the magazine more well-rounded and more

<< I am guilty of that sometimes, I have
to admit, where most of the issue just didn't catch my interest. I still
read them , though not as dilegently, and still learn something. It reminds
me of something I ran into in the tropical fish club I was a member of, you
couldnt carry on a conversation with someone unless you liked the kinds of
fish they did. I didn't care what kind of fish the person I was talking too
was into, I still learned some neat husbandry techniques or something. >>

I think everybody is guilty of being uninterested in an article's content
every once in a while; even me. Still, like you said, even an article that
you are unintersted in can have at least a few interesting facts, which is
why I try to read the whole thing.

<< Besides the sunfish I am very intersted in mudminnows,
so that is why I am interested in more information on this new information. >>

Yeah, I like mudminnows a lot, too. It's kind of a pity that the Alaska
blackfish isn't more accessible; they're really cool-looking. That's
something I would like to have in the future., not right now because I'm
trying to keep easy-to-care-for-fish., but sometime in the future.

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