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Dave Neely (
Sat, 12 Aug 2000 19:20:26 CDT

It seems the genus -Zander- has nomenclatural priority over the names
-Lucioperca- Cuvier (1817) and -Stizostedion- Rafinesque (1820). Pikeperch
were originally described by Linneus as Perca lucioperca. A paper on this
topic is purportedly in press (no, I don't know who the authors are). The
revised genus would be expected to include the four American pikeperches
(walleye [Zander vitreum], blue pike [Zander glaucum], sauger [Zander
canadense], and Mobile walleye [Zander sp. cf. vitreum]) as well as the
Eurasian pikeperch [Zander lucioperca], Volga pikeperch [Zander volgensis],
and sea pikeperch [Zander marinus].

I believe the evidence for using Zander surfaced during compilation of
Eschemeyer et al's massive tomes on genera and species of fishes. The oldest
reference I can find to Zander is 1925: Chevey, Bull. Biol. de France et de
Belgique, LIX, p. 269; where it is given as "Sander", but I can't get to
Rick's copy of Genera of Fishes right now...

Whew! I'll let you know when the paper comes out. At any rate, Zander is a
heck of a lot easier to pronounce than Stizostedion.


>>When was it changed from Stizostedion, and why? I also vaguely >>remember
>>hearing the word "zander" in connection with some sort of >>fish (don't
>>know if it was necessarily this species).
>Ill bet the zander you're thinking of is a European walleye-like fish. >I
>don't know the scientific name-- Stizostedion is the genus, though.

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