Re: NANFA-- blue-green algae problem in display tank: h*lp needed
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 23:31:31 EDT

maybe go w/ a auto feeder. you control the input. of course it has to be
dried food... which you can vary w/ dried krill, bloodworms, flake. its tough
tho w/ the darter competing w/ the dace. perhaps "they" could give the darter
one cube of frozen blood worms every other day...
as for algae... it needs 3 things... light, nutrients and water. it always
hear natural light can really add to the problem. perhaps minimze light on
the tank to one end... kind of a spot light and shadow combo... like light
from a tree canopy above.
your display tank... cool... for a educational facility i guess. good job.
i have the most success w/ java fern and moss... and the tank w/ the most
growth is my healthyist... tho im treating it now w/ clout due to my recent
additions... rainbow shiners... getting the little white spot... ick? im
really wanting these guys to make it. a highlight from my return trip from
deep in the bayou waters.
good luck...

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