Re: NANFA-- Freshwater Crab found in Nevada

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 08:02:06 -0700

> > I guess us hobbyists will take the blame for this one.
> How else did those crabs get there?

There are a number of ways species are introduced. I am sure the comment
was made as it is always a rush to judgment when a non -native species
turns up that some careless, backwards, don't care about nothing hobbyist
did the introduction. These accusers are the ones who lump everyone
together, and fire up to get laws past to ban even more things for the pet
hobby ( except the precious dogs that deposit there "presents" on my lawn,
destroy my flower beds and ponds, eat driftwood out of my ponds etc.) and
even with that instance, all dog owners aren't lumped together, usually you
here how those are singaled out as a careless person. yet when a species
turns up in a place it dont belong, right away, the cries of " there goes
them aquarists/exoctic pet keepers again". I personally am sick of that
myself! Like we are all a big band of eco-terrorists that can't wait for
the newest species to test out and see if it can take over a new area. many
fish introductions come to mind that hand nothing to do with aquarists,
common carp, big head carp, ruffe, round gobie, sea lampreye ( is this still
a fish ?) peacock bass, brown trout, salmon... I know I am picking on
myself, as many of these were done to make anglers happy, but I never had
chance to vote on those things, nor did I take part in the stocking. Also
true is the common carp was done long before most ( or any) had an Idea that
it would be a problem.


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