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R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 27 Aug 2000 18:56:25 -0700

I found this interesting too. My gar in the gar pond feed off the surface
on dead fatheads ( fishing bait from the night befores bullhead fishing).
They are never aggressive to each other. In fact they seem "lovey dovey"
with each other, chasing each other as spawning gar do. The only ones who
act distinct are the alligator gar, the other three species in there are
spotted, shortnose and longnose. The longnose is a new addition and small,
I don't know how he would act yet. 'Gator gars seem more intelligent in how
they stalk food and take it. I even had one that baited sunfish with live
worm chunks I was feeding the sunfish. It would lie by the wriggling worm
and wait, soon the small sunfish would come out for a snack, and snap! down
went the sunfish in "Gates" belly.

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> I forgot to mention that I thought that it was weird that the shortnose
> mentioned in the American Currents article would fight over recently dead
> cicadas with other gars. I never really thought of them as insect eaters,

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