Re: NANFA-- Gar aggressiveness

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 23:28:21 -0700

I had Florida gar up until last winter, combination of water pollution
fighting dead leaves for months, making the water smelly and black) and the
cold did them in. They would have most likely been fine had it not been for
the leaves, so I will pass on Floridas, since they are nearly identical to
spotteds, and spotteds max size is a lot smaller than Floridas. I guess
that sounds silly considering I have gator and longnose gar, but I do have
to conserve space somehow, and limit the species I am responsible for. I
plan some more additions to the pond, since it does house bowfin, warmouth,
orange spotted sunfish, bantam sunfish, banded pygmy sunfish, eastern
mudminnows and various other killifish , shiners and darters. There are
also other species, contaminants from feeders, or stuff my aquariums would
not housr anymore. Once I get my web site together I will invite all of
NANFA on line to visit my ponds.
> their unusual form and the fact that they are prehistoric. One more gar
> species (Florida) and you'll have them all. Do you plan on getting any
> Florida gar?

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