Re: NANFA-- Collecting in west texas

Tue, 1 Aug 2000 11:10:05 -0500

Jake, I currently have both Bluegills (3) and a Yellow Perch in a 55 gallon
tank and they are doing quite well. They are all around a year and a half
old. They are getting too large for the tank and I will have to move one or
two of the Bluegills to a different tank soon. I have one that keeps trying
to fan out a nest, but all of mine are males so I don't know if they would
successfully spawn in a tank this size. The Blugills eat just about
anything you throw in there, but the Perch requires live food. I'd
recommend you just head down to your nearest lake or pond and bait a small
barbless hook with a little red worm, grub or even piece of bread. In a
minute or two you'll have a couple of Bluegills for your tank. Good luck


At 12:16 AM -0400 8/1/00, wrote:
>iam from lubbock texas and wanted to know how would a bule gill perch do
>a tanks i wanted to get one and even breed if u know anything abotu thise
>please eamil me or evne if u have any fro sal eso i know there not comeing
>from a pond
>thanks jake

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