Re: NANFA-- NANFA 2001 highlights

Christopher Scharpf (
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 08:53:15 -0400

>> * downing Texas Shiners with Rob Denkhaus
> Huh?

Shiner Bock, a Texas-brewed beer.

>> * Heather Muller sheepishly not telling her Dad she was the reason why her
>> Dad's van's battery had gone stone cold dead at Pine Creek
> Is that Bob Muller from this list? If it is, don't anyone tell him.

We're leaving the Pine Creek site and Bob's van isn't starting over. Grrr
grrr grrr. Grrr grrr grrr. Since the van still has electricity, everyone
thinks it's the starter. Bill Veenstra climbs under the van and taps the
starter with a metal ice scraper. Steve Ellis pulls his pickup truck around
with some jumper cables. Poor Bob is starting to quietly freak -- "How am I
getting my van towed from here? How am I getting my fishes home? I guess
I'll have to rent a car, etc." Having gone through this myself in
Alabama/Mississippi last year, I felt Bob's pain as if it was my own.
Heather, meanwhile, is sitting in the front passenger seat of the van, as
calm and collected as can be. Gee, why isn't she standing outside the van
looking at the engine scratching and shaking her head like the rest of us?
Finally, after several tries, the jump start works, and Bob is able to
extract himself from a major pain-in-the-anus. On the way back to the cabin
Bob finds out that Heather had left the AC or vent on to cool herself while
everybody was sorting through and looking at their fishes. This had run the
battery down...but there was no way in Hades she was gonna admit so in front
of a bunch of fishheads! Disaster averted, and we all had a good laugh at
Heather's expense.

Chris Scharpf

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