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Christopher Scharpf (
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 08:53:15 -0400

A quick note to close out the Convention. ....

The 2001 NANFA NATIONAL CONVENTION in The Hocking Hills has now come to a
close, and I must say that with all the preparations made for this event
over the last 10 months, it seems so quickly to come to an end. It seems a
little sad! I would like to extend endless appreciation to all of you who
helped in the arrangeing of this unique function , as well as , those who
took the time to simply attend this convention.. Without you.. it would
never have been! Thanks to the NANFA diehards, as well as the many new faces
we all have had a chance to become aquainted with! It is participation to
make events like these a success!!! Below is a list of people I want to
aknowledge in the assembling of this event. Here is our cast of very
talented folks... Please forgive me if I at first notion leave anyone out,
as I'm just dead tired right now! HA!

Chris Scharpf..... thanks for being so patient and making the convention
look fantastic in the American Currents and in informing the membership of
convention news!!! ... etc... etc... etc... !!! HA!

B.G. Granier, Mike Wolfe, Leo Long.... Great Job on the raffle guys!!!
Mike Wolfe..... Mike... the convention folders, all those little details
at the convention, and the aquirring of the many fine aution items was a
huge help to arrrrange!!!

Jay DeLong and Dave Neely... You guys were so great to work with in the
coordinating of the t-shirt design! Jay... super job on posting the
convention on the web site!!!

Phil Nixon.... I never thought an auction could be so fun and actually
humorous!!! Your special touch in this department really brought enjoyment
to this year's auction.. GREAT JOB Phill!!!

Mark Binkley, Mark Smith, Bob Bock... Thanks guys for doing the labor of
moving auction items, the assistance of coordinating the Sunday trip, and in
helping to announce the convention... as well as details that were a big
help to me, and the convention...

Nick Zarlinga... Without you... there would be no cold beer! HA!
Actually... You really helped out more than enough... Thanks for the meals!

John Bhondus... What a pleasant suprise to finally meet you!!!

Stephanie Brough... You know Stephanie... You deserve some credit for
keeping the math straight!!! A good treasurer is hard to find! Besides, I
couldn't think straight seeing that some brain cells were killed during the
process of creating the fiberglass back grounds for the Water Shed!!! HA!

The general membership....I have had lots of help in the last minute
preparations with this event... I would like to thank those members who
offered a halping hand carrying in things and such. This helped
tremendously, seeing that I live 4 hours away from the Hocking Hills!

Finally, On behalf of the entire group, I want to thank ALL of our speakers
who did a terriffic job... and namely the ODNR and OHEPA people who
contributed so much to make the trips that much more enjoyable and
educational... Randy Sanders, Pat Quackenbush, Roger Thoma... Great

That's a rap for now, so let's pass on the torch for NANFA 2002 up in Ann
Arbor Michigan!!! I couldn't have coordinated 2001 without all your help out
there, so let's keep the riffles riffling!!! Oh... btw.. Bob Muller???.. Can
I wear a Buckeye's shirt there???.. HA!

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