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Crail, Todd (
Thu, 1 Aug 2002 14:25:57 -0400

Hey Scott,

Thanks for such a generous treatment of the topic :)

That's very interesting how prairie would have fed the trout streams, I'd
never given that much thought (how sterile an environment they live in and
what they'd eat). I've been in restored prairie and let me say, the arthropod
diversity gets insane, the more high quality the site. As well, my
mother-in-law lives in North Eastern Nevada, which is treeless high mountain
desert/mountain for the most part besides aspens in north facing swales. I
was completely impressed with the arthropodic components there, and just
hadn't put two and two together regarding the fantastic trout fishery they
have and how sterile those streams are :)

Just in case you were wondering... The type of Allochthonous I was refering
too was the kind with "fritos" or "pepsi" or "budweiser" or "goodyear" or
heck, even "kohler" or "ford" written on it.. but that's just my twisted sense
of humor ;)


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> Maybe they're measuring water "hardness" by solid wastes and garbage.
> were we calling it last week? Allochthonous? ;)

I think that would be called TDS - totally dissolved solids.
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