RE: NANFA-- P.Oed. at litter bugs

Jay DeLong (
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 08:18:56 -0700

It's almost as though the very things that make streams such a valuable
component of the environment make them attractive to litterers. They offer
seclusion and secrecy, and the flow gets them out of sight/out of
mind...except for cars and tires and...

Steven, I don't think this Hall of Shame would accomplish what you want
because the people visiting the webpage are generally not the people doing
the littering. You'd be preaching to the choir. Making it part of future
trip reports would be good because it would be a "see what I saw and see
what I did about it" approach that might inspire other people to do the same
on their own stream forays. Also, a NANFA endorsed Stream Team-like program
would be really great if it had a coordinator and action plan. That might
be the very best use of the Regional Outreach Program and a meaningful
statement of what NANFA is about.

NANFA has to be more than just collecting fish. Lots of you forget or don't
know that in about half of the US, it is illegal to collect fish in streams
and lakes. I think in all states west of the Rockies it is illegal to
sample or collect fish. That's probably why there aren't as many members in
western states.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

> -----Original Message----- > From: On Behalf > Of Rose Lawn Museum > Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 7:27 AM > To: > Subject: RE: NANFA-- P.Oed. at litter bugs > > > I was pondering Rob's thread about littering while I was out doing some > solo collecting this weekend. Here's an idea...would it be > possible to have > a "Hall of Shame" page on the website? As I envisioned it, this page would > display photos of the more bizarre items that we find in streams, etc. > while we're pursuing our habit. I'm not talking about pix of bottles and > cans...everyone has seen those. > > I have come to realize that there are a good many people who lurk on this > list but seldom (if ever) get a chance to go collecting, and they might be > surprised to see some of the outrageous litter we encounter. It would also > serve to educate our website visitors about the problem while making them > aware of what we remove (or attempt to remove). If there's an interest in > this idea, I've got two or three pix ready to donate. If not, I certainly > intend to make it a part of future trip reports. > > Steven A. Ellis /----------------------------------------------------------------------------- /"Unless stated otherwise, comments made on this list do not necessarily / reflect the beliefs or goals of the North American Native Fishes / Association" / This is the discussion list of the North American Native Fishes Association / To subscribe, unsubscribe, or get help, send the word / subscribe, unsubscribe, or help in the body (not subject) of an email to / For a digest version, send the command to / instead. / For more information about NANFA, visit our web page,