Re: NANFA-- P.Oed. at litter bugs

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 10:49:26 -0500

> Lots of you forget or don't
> know that in about half of the US, it is illegal to collect fish in
> and lakes.

This is another problem that should be addressed. If you can't use
resources wisely and responsibly, then why care about them? We had some
discussions about this topic yesterday at the Wisconsin Area Killifish
Organization meeting. We also talked about how it is the end of the world if
someone catches and keeps an exotic such as white perch, round goby, ruffe
etc , but the state bends over backwards producing, stocking, and
regulating down to the last scale non native salmon and trout species, and
allows free range on fishing carp. And then these same agencies wonder why
so many hold them in low regard. Legislation needs to be simple so it can
be enforced, and consistent, but most importantly it has to stop insulting "
the little people" . Through taxes the "little people" pay these
legislators wages. No other place can the employees ( legislators with help
and direction from lobbyists etc.) screw the boss ( the citizens) so
thouroughly without any repercussions.

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