Re: NANFA-- "... these ugly fish..."

Dave Neely (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 17:43:25 CDT

Good grief, it just never stops.

>...listing the sturgeon as an endangered species:
>i) is opposed by the Alabama-Tombigbee Coalition [a business group
>because it could interrupt river-based commerce.

Wrong. Listing of multiple freshwater mussels, Alabama shad, and gulf
sturgeon (which occupy the same habitats) has not stopped navigational
dredging by the USACE.

>ii) is opposed by state Rep. Johnny Ford who said "We don't want >
>these ugly fish in the state of Alabama."

Some of us didn't want that ugly so-and-so as a Representative, either. Wait
until he hears about the new sculpin I'm about to submit a manuscript on...

>iii)could cost 20,000 jobs according to 1993 study by the University of
>South Alabama and Troy University

Bullhockey. The study that is being referred to estimated costs based on
the total shutdown of navigational traffic on the Alabama and Tombigbee
Rivers. As mentioned before, that's not going to happen.

(Oh, and the "biostitutes" who did the study have reportedly been seen
driving really nice new vehicles, with "Alabama Power" bumper stickers...)

>iv) is supported by approx 2/3 of Alabama voters

So why aren't our "representatives" listening?

At least they've given up trying to atack the science that the listing is
based on...


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