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Dave Neely (
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 14:34:47 CDT


>In regards to the three statements above, if good science shows that >a
>NANF species is dieing out and it is related to industry shouldn't >there
>be some sort of cost/benefit analysis done to assist in the >decision
>making process?

OK... Define "useless." For that matter, define "ugly." Now, try to get
two politicians and/or lawyers to agree on these definitions.
Good luck.

Historically, as I'm sure you're well aware, economists have been given the
job of calculating "worth" in cost/benefit analyses. This posed some
problems in that they often neglected such factors as "recreational
benefit", "future utility," "ecosystem function and redundancy," and perhaps
most importantly, "intrinsic right to existence." Is a sturgeon worth more
than a snail darter? Than a pygmy sunfish? Than a grizzly bear? Than (gasp!)
a human?

Besides, you missed my point. The USACE is NOT going to stop navigational
dredging on the Tenn-Tom and Alabama Rivers. The "estimate" of 20,000 jobs
lost is another example of superfluous propaganda used to rile the masses...

A more perplexing question is why the FWS continues to devote most of its
budget to a select group of "warm fuzzies," when most of the taxa that are
at risk are "cold slimies"...


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