Re: NANFA-- shipping problems
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 11:02:09 -0500

the word from my postal person is:

>>The USPS does not have the machines to irradiate the mail everywhere. I
know they are dosing the mail sent to the senate and congress but I am
unaware of any other areas of radiation. If you note on the box that it
contains live fish and can be opened for inspection you should be ok.
Please make the notation above the addressee's address and in bold
lettering! Express mail would be less likely to be quarantined over a
"powder scare" but may be cost prohibitive, depending on the cost of the
specimen and the difficulty in replacing it. The USPS will hold any mail in
the area of a suspicious powder until the results of an anthrax test are
received, this is currently taking up to two weeks and would of course kill
the fish. Better safe than sorry. Sorry that I don't have more definitive

she said she'd look into it further when she had some time....

she laughed and agreed with the part about "since if it was
containing a deadly toxin or virus, would you really carry it up to the
counter and put your name and address on it?"

she said she tends to shake parcels in front of the customer to be sure it
doesn't rattle or leak things....she figures if it is dangerous, the sender
is going to get real nervous about the shaking.
she also said she wouldn't accept any packages from someone wearing a
contamination suit !

personally, i get great service from the USPS. i've had less loss and
damage from them than the other services.
(ask me sometime about the lost file server) but your mileage may

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