NANFA-- Its Jays fault if I blabed too much .

Sun, 1 Dec 2002 12:17:42 -0800 (PST)

Since I cant go to the mountain I was talked into
providing logistical information for the Arkansas
Ozark gathering and thus moving the mountain to my
backyard . By that I mean I have never collected with
anyone else and for many reasons am very limited in my
ability to travel so in doing this I bring a group of
world class native collectors here . What a sneaky
devil I am . In addition to looking foreword to a
personal learning experience I am working hard to get
local publicity for the event to promote local native
fish keeping .

The Ozarks - part of several states - is a wonder area
to collect/sample in .There are numerous species of
fishes found in the Ozarks that exist no where else
in the world . Everything from the Ozark Bass -a
colorful species of Rock Bass - to species of darters
, minnows and madtoms .

May 17th was selected in the hopes that weather would
be good for travel , many fishes would still be in
good color and water levels would be good for
collecting/sampling . It should be a fine relief to
winter blahs .

Three people pressured me into doing what I wanted to
do .In order of contact they were Casper Cox , Robert
Rice and Steven Ellis . Casper has connections to Ar
and wanted to collect in the Ozark area of the state
.Robert Rice just recently moved to the Mo .Ozark area
and wanted to collect in the area . Steve Ellis has
connections to Branson Mo. which is about 40-50 miles
from here and to Ar ... And with these three involved
who could stop it from happening ?

People from many states have been interested in the
gathering . South east , south and far north should be
well represented . Kansas may be represented but the
far west has been quiet . The event is open to anyone
.If curious contact me and I will send links for
everything from fishing regs to potential lodging and
maps and photos etc. etc. etc. . More will be sent out
to interested people closer to the gathering time .

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas
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