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Sun, 1 Dec 2002 12:27:23 -0800 (PST)

--- james graham <> wrote:
> I've got rainbow shiners I collected in the spring
> in my warm room
> (78-80)degrees but heavily aerated and they are
> doing fine.I suspect as long
> as the O2 level is good they will tolerate warmer
> temps.

My tanks should be pretty well aerated with the dual
biowheel pinguins on each of the largertanks and the
extra mangum 350 hot canister. There is plenty of
surface turbulance.

By "rainbow shiner" do you mean the same fish as the
"rainbow dace danio" that I saw at a petco in Atlanta?

> Jim Graham
> In snowy Michigan
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> From: "Bruce Stallsmith" <>
> > Well, I'm glad you're taking an out-front position
> on teaching evolution.

I'm actually going to have the King James Bible on my
required Materials list. I have lectuers planed to
explain why growing 2 crops in the same field did
warrent a death penalty in bibical Palestine, as well
as other science points from the Bible.

I also have a Halloween lecture on Ergot induced
warewolf hesteria.

The main thing will be getting them to realize,
without pushing too hard, that as farm kids, they
already know all that they need to about evolution.
> >
> > Anyway, I think that striped shiners are a very
> adaptable species. They
> can
> > probably do well at constant temps in the upper
> 70s F. They're aggressive
> > feeders, but not aggressive in the territorial
> sense. I have a few in
> tanks
> > at the moment, but they're all relatively large. I
> think I could track
> down
> > smaller ones at a local creek.

Thank you for considering the effort.

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