RE: NANFA-- stoneroller diet?

Crail, Todd (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:15:22 -0500

Okay. Sorry I keep posting on this, but these fish totally *rule*. :)

I expected them to move the gravel around, but I never thought they'd be
taking whole mouthfuls of sand, sifting it, and then blowing it out. This
behavior is fantastic.

What are they doing? Sifting for benthos, eating detritus, ???

Guess we've solved the issue for keeping the upper layer of sand aerobic lol.

I'm also way more fond of the way the Val rides in the current than the java
fern. Hopefully it takes to the hard water and partially carbonate substrate
(which my research indicates that some species are preferable to hardness).

And... Having the canister filter instead of a Whisper and a powerhead is so
way less intrusive. I'm really starting to dig this. :)

Now to just figure out how to keep the food from getting stuck behind the
return line, and this is rockin. Wait... I could put a small Whisper.....
Yeah, that's the ticket!


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From: Crail, Todd
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Subject: RE: NANFA-- stoneroller diet?

They're eating the black brush algae. The cyano too!?!? Yuuuuuck! lol

It looks like they've eaten some Java Fern too, but I'm thinking the section
that's been trimmed was covered in a mess of black brush. Going to add some
val today see if that won't do better in the hard water. I think this system
is just too basic for java fern, which is stinky.

Now to get these guys over to prepared foods so they get some steak with
salad. Hopefully they don't get too happy with the steak heh.

Also adding an Ehiem 2213 at lunch (I musta been a good boy this year :).
That ought to get this tank a turnin' :)
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