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unclescott (
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 12:37:44 -0600

> Najas. That's the genus and common name. I don't know the species or
> where it's native, although we do have native Najas in North
> America. Norman Fasset's book "A Manual of Aquatic Plants" describes 6
> species in the US.
> Want some?

Possibly it's guadalupensis.

A great fry hider and grazing surface, Najas is such a fast grower and
sometimes fast fragment dropper that it isn't very popular with the Aquatic
gardening crowd. Livebearer buffs love it for it's tolerance of hard water
and ability to accommodate fry. I sort of like it in tropical killie tanks
because if it is dwindling away, I'm probably falling behind in water

It probably is a good ammonia sponge - never checked. Although it needs
light, brightly lit tanks of the stuff (it will grow bottom to top) seem to
harbor bunches of hair algae. It is such a fast grower, one doesn't take a
big hit by mulching the algae plagued sections.

Maybe Todd's stonerollers will graze it. :)

It is also in an unlighted floor level tank where some goodieds are
overwintering. It seems to be holding it's own at 66-68 degrees F in only
ambient room light. It still fills that 20 gallon tank.

It did "ok" outside last summer in shaded tanks.

Be careful about releasing it though, especially in warm water areas. We
bucket it and changed out water (almost inevitably holding fragments) around
border and garden plants. I'm sure it could be yet another exotic pest, if
it isn't already.

Hadn't thought of it as particularly useful for native tanks until seeing
Jay's photographs (although I used it for cover in a darter tank). Why not?

Sajjad, take Jay up on his offer. If shipping weather isn't appropriate and
you are headed south out of Chicago, give me a shout. "Ah ghaarrrontee" a

It is such a fast grower, it is hard to give it away anymore in the Chicago
killie group. ;)

May you have the best new year yet!

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