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<< Nor do I think we should just go dipnetting into local waters, dump the
fish into the tank, and let kids watch them die--all because we do not
know enough about them to keep them healthy and happy. We need to
teach children to *care for* and *respect* wildlife, not treat them as
amusing but disposable "things." >>
That has been a concern of mine as well. I would hate to see tanks set up
with native or any kind of fish at a school only to have them die. Ethics of
humaneness must be taught to all of the schools to prevent this from
happening and promote more sympathy for these fishes on a general level.I
also think that access to the inside of the tank shuld be restricted so that
nothing toxic can be put into the water and the fish can't be hurt personally
by any malicious people. Any feeding by students should be supervised by the
teacher. That way the fish won't be fed something harmful. I think that
possibly a breeding tank could be set up with a program to raise the baby
fishes to maturity and that could create more of a nurturing attitude in
students, especially if they were allowed to help.

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