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<< it would not be
wise to use local species if their collection is illegal, for any reason. >>
That is what I was getting at in my one of my latest posts. I recall Peter
Unmack saying something to the effect that it is illegal to collect and keep
fish native to Arizona. California is the same way,and I'm sure that there
are other states with similar restrictions. One compromise in this matter
could be obtaining fish that are as closely related as possible to certain
fish native to the area or that are at least morphologically similar. A
display of these fish could be supplemented by a photo display of the native
fishes being substituted. In that fashion, students could learn what fishes
are native to the area and have a living representative of the group the fish
belongs to or at least something that looks somewhat like it. Some background
info on endangered fishes of the area could also be distributed, and
hopefully foster a conservation ethic in the persons viewing it.Delicate
local fish or any fish that require live or frozen food should be avoided
except in special circumstances. We are obviously both in agreement on having
as diverse a selection as possible to create an appreciation for the many
differences between fishes.

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