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<< For those of you who are members of NANFA, the Fall 1999 American Currents
is on
its way and will be arriving shortly, if it hasn't already. (I received mine
today; a California member received his yesterday.) >>
I received mine the very same day. It was toally enthralling. I liked
learning the scientific name of the subspecies of longear sunfish which (i
assume) inhabits Michigan (maybe not mid-MI where I live, haven't seen one
yet). didn't know it had the common name of NORTHERN longear since it seems
the only longear I hear about is the central longear.Can't wait to see one
sometime! The "Fish Beers of North America" section was amusing.I wanted to
mention that here in Michigan we have Lake Trout Stout. Not surprising
considering that the Lake trout (actually a char too, I know)is the state
fish(which figures since it's the Great Lakes State).I haven't tried the beer
yet, but plan to soon, especially since I like stout! The idea of putting a
gambusia in a batch of homebrewed beer to ferment actually isn't as
farfetched as it would seem to be, apparently.In The New Complete Joy of
Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian there is a recipe that actully uses chicken
to make "cock ale".He also wries that "Beer and food have been soulmates
since the days when the wife brewed ale and the husbnd baked bread(the
original alewife was not a fish)." Perhaps now it can be both a fish and an
ale :) BTW, do you know if that is whre the alewife got its name?

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