Re: NANFA-- NANFA snails, other FW invertebtates and habitat setups
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 22:44:00 EST

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<< I'd like to discuss snails, other freshwater aquatic invertebrates,
aquatic plants and the combination of them into a habitat set-up. I have
lots to contribute on some of these areas and less on others any
comments, interest??? Either via NANFA or privately?
Chris >>
I'm into N.A. freshwater invertebrates too. I have kept store-bought ramshorn
snails (probably non N.A.) which came with an aquarium which I acquired from
a friend, some cone shelled black snails which I got from the ditch in front
of my parent's house, some sort of ramshorn snails that were brown-colored
which i found in a stream by a nearby road, and some golf ball-sized mystery
snail-looking specimens that I fished out of a pond. I think these were
probably some sort of ampulluria species as I am not aware of any other
species that looks like that which would be native. I was wondering if you
could at least tentatively identify thes and tell me if they are native or
introduced (I'm from Michigan).I have also kept two species of freshwater
clams (labeled "pond mussels" and just plain "mussels" respectively.They
lived for 9 months. My snails died after I moved them into a new tank with
darters.they were active for a while then stayed in their shells and were
inactive. I don't know if they were harassed to death by the darters or if
they just gradually declined from a maladjustment to the hard well water at
the then new location I had moved to. I have also kept triops, which are one
of my favorite invertebrates of all time. They are reminiscent of miniature
trilobites and are prehistoric, which I like. I have also kept ghost shrimp,
and am currently keeping a fiddler crab.I was planning on setting up a tank
for the fiddler crab and several crayfish in the near future, and sometime
in the spring or summer i would like to set up a tank for aquatic insects.I'm
glad that you brought up the subject of inverts.I want to learn more about
freshwater N. American inverts and I feel that this subject matter would be
a good thing for NANFA to cover more. With the fascinating variety we have on
this continent , it would create an appreciation for the ecosystems as well
as the fishes. It should make for some interesting discussions on the list!
BTW what do Giant Pond snails look like and how big do they get?

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