RE: NANFA-- releasing captive fish into the wild

Jay DeLong (
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 22:02:54 -0800

Shireen, you should look at: Nonindigenous Aquatic and Selected Terrestrial
Species of Florida: Status, Pathway and Time of Introduction, Present
Distribution, and Significant Ecological and Economic Effects It has tons of references.

Does anyone recommend either of these as good references?--

Welcomme, R. L. 1984. International transfers of inland fish species. Pages
22-40 in W. R. Courtenay, Jr. and J. R. Stauffer, Jr., editors.
Distribution, biology, and management of exotic fishes. The Johns Hopkins
University Press, Baltimore, Md. 430 pp.
(Out of Print)

Ganzhorn, J., J. S. Rohovec, J. L. Fryer. 1992. Dissemination of microbial
pathogens through introductions and transfers of finfish. Pages 175-192 in
A. Rosenfield and R. Mann, editors. Dispersal of Living Organisms Into
Aquatic Ecosystems. Maryland Sea Grant, College Park. 471 pp.
( has this one for $35)

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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