RE: NANFA-- Aquanauts and pupfish

Jay DeLong (
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 06:59:56 -0800

> BTW, does anyone know why pupfish evolved to have a
> stouter body compared to the other more streamlined killies?
> cheers,
> shireen

Feeding strategies and adaptations to predation. The Fundulus
topminnows/killies have upturned mouths. They feed in the upper portion of
the water column. Pupfishes are primarily substrate feeders. To have a
body shape like a pupfish and be a surface feeder you'd have to look
something like a hatchetfish, but you'd be quite susceptible to predators
unless you had evolved the hatchetfish keel. Fundulus body shape is
conducive to predator evasion, while pupfishes evolved in predator-free

Jay DeLong
(Who doesn't believe in pupfishes because he's never seen one)
Olympia, WA

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