Re: NANFA-- Alabama sturgeon

Dave Neely (
Mon, 21 Feb 2000 07:05:19 CST


>>Ray's too ugly to live in the State of Alabama... ;)
>Dave, you're gonna have to explain that on to me.

sorry, I should have qualified that... Ray's been the driving legal force
behind the sturgeon, providing cheap or free legal services for the
environment of Alabama. He's also one of the few genuinely nice lawyers I've
ever met. As such, I'm quite positive that Rep. Johnny Ford's quote, as
modified above, represents the viewpoint of most Alabama politicians towards
Ray. I'm also pretty sure that several politicians down here feel the same
way about me...

I spent the weekend collecting sculpins below the Fall Line in Alabama, from
Tuscaloosa all the way over to the middle Chattahoochee River in Georgia.
Recent clearcuts dominated the landscape for the entire drive (6-8hrs round
trip) could. From an environmental standpoint, Alabama would probably be in
better shape if the USAF had condemned the entire state as a gunnery range
and carpet-bombed it (at least <that> leaves nutrients in situ). Several of
the sites where sculpins were taken during the late 1960s yielded no benthic
fish whatsoever, and had heavy silt deposits. At two others, sculpins were
MUCH reduced in abundance from prior collections. Environmental ethic? Heck,
folks down here need an environmental clue.

The only bright side was showing a Georgia Conservation Officer how to
identify some common Chattahoochee fishes- snail bullheads, greater
jumprock, bluestripe shiner, etc. He seemed genuinely impressed that such
beautiful fish lived in that creek, and he never knew about them.


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