NANFA-- answer me this...

Christopher Scharpf (
Tue, 22 Feb 2000 18:59:28 -0400

<< To me, the less legislation, the better. >>

>I agree completely. As if we aren't already over-regulated with many of our
>freedoms compromised.

I don't understand the opinions of some people on this list. I assume that you
read this list because you are fish and/or nature lovers. Yet I see a lot of
hostility towards federal agencies that are mandated by law and federal
regulations that are designed to protect biodiversity.

Are some of you saying that the Endangered Species Act is wrong or bad because
it imposes a federal level of regulation?

Are you saying that states -- and states only -- should have the right to
protect their biodiversity as they see fit, without federal interference?

If so, then why are we the UNITED States? Why aren't we just 50 separate
republics? That way we could be more like Europe, whose fish have a higher
rate of extinction and endangerement because there is not central governing
authority assigned to protect the continent's biodiversity.

I'm not meaning to criticize people, or pick a fight. I'm not even trying to win
people over to my point of view, because I know challenging deep seated beliefs
is futile. I just want to better understand where people are coming from.

So please, answer me this:

1) Why are you on this list?

2) If it were totally up to you, what would YOU do to protect native fishes and
their environments?

Chris Scharpf

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