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R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 22 Feb 2000 18:51:15 -0800

I'm on this list to here about fish and fish / aquatic related items. I
just get upset when someone thinks bloating the government up ( this does
cost money) to have "things " done is not right. The bigger government
gets, the less efficent it is. When politicians and their co-horts are
telling agencies what to do, what do they know? That is why we have
conservation officers, and U.S. fish and wildlife service. Not so some
polotician can tell them what to do, or appoint some new committee chair to
tell them what to do. The ones working for these agencies IN THE FEILD
should be the ones . And those in the feild should listen to land owners,
and sportsmen ( whether they be hunters or hikers), and not make these
people feel threatened. That is why there is so much negative attitude
towards them. I think the local game wardens with few exceptions are great
people. They are freindly, patient, and thoughtful. But then you turn
around and read that a { fish} has been listed since 1979 and nothing has
been done to see if it even has made a come back other than " dont touch, or
your in trouble". I am sure most NANFA and other collectors would be happy
to report species sightings. Here is a untapped volunteer unit doing feild
surveys all the time. But when ( I have) someone contacts these people they
here, " you don't know what you saw", or " so , we dont have time for
that". If those in charge of these laws care so much, why is the latter
statement even being heard. I realize many of these people are under
staffed and over worked. Why not grant a collector " immunity" to bring
some of these fish ( or whatever) to a local office so they can be verified
by a biologists. To me that would be as rewarding as catching it .
Instead priveleges are eroded along with rights to suit politically correct
agendas , and those that get politicians votes.

Ray ( I am not an anarchist, alright!)

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