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Thu, 24 Feb 2000 08:12:33 -0600

You know I was thinking about this the other day.....what would I do if I
became the Exhaulted Grand Imperial Poobah (feel free to write me in on
your ballots).....I'd like to see environmental issues ruled by the Federal
government with input from the various states.....Hey! wait a minute....we
already have that with Congress and the Senate?

What's the old saying..."We should think globally and act locally" or is it
the other way around? Does it make a difference? I think the issue is too
large to be left to the individual states or private landowners. With
private landowners, greed and the almighty buck can have devastating
effects. Money can cause blindness in people as to how their actions can
affect things, for years to come. On a state level, you get too mired in
what works for your area and do not look at the bigger picture. Or you
duplicate programs and services wasting money and resources. The problem
with doing it from a federal level is that (as has been said) what works in
Seattle may not work in Wisconsin. I think the system we currently have is
the right one, we just need to use it better. We need to be more vocal in
telling our representatives, what we want.

The big problem I have is (dark political commentary follows) can we
really do anything? At the rate the human population is expanding what can
really be done to preserve the environment and the other species that
inhabit this planet? Will there come a time in the not too distant future,
where we require all available space just to sustain the human race? Not a
pretty picture, but we as a single race on this planet need to look at the
deeper questions and try to find answers to them, or we are just spinning
our wheels and putting off the hard decisions to our children and grand
children. (end dark political commentary.)

More direct answer to your first question:

1. I am on the list as I enjoy native fishes. I keep them in aquaria and I
am looking to establish a couple of ponds where I would like to create
natural environments for wildlife both below the waterline and above it. By
reading the posts to this group (some anyway) I hope to learn things that
will help me reach those goals.


So please, answer me this:

1) Why are you on this list?

2) If it were totally up to you, what would YOU do to protect native fishes
their environments?

Chris Scharpf

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